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August 18, 2022

Life Insurance

If you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes you might be worried about getting life insurance.

In most cases, you will still be able to find a provider of life insurance cover for prediabetes, with many insurers treating the condition similar to type 2 diabetes.

How prediabetes life insurance works

The cover you get for prediabetes is dependent on various health and medical factors.

The below factors help measure how high risk you are when applying for life insurance:

·      HbA1c reading

·      Blood pressure

·      Your body mass index or BMI

·      Cholesterol level

·      The date you were diagnosed with prediabetes

·      If you have any other existing medical conditions

While it can be daunting trying to find life insurance with prediabetes, we specialise in finding cover for a number of pre-existing medical conditions. With our expert insurance advisors, we are able to offer you support and guidance when it comes to finding the best life insurance companies and policies.

Life insurance for prediabetes

If you want to take out life insurance and have prediabetes there are some factors you’ll need to take into consideration first. As with most life insurance applications that cover pre-existing medical conditions, you'll have to provide further information regarding your condition.

Supporting information for your application might include medical screening, GP Report, medical exam or a telephone medical depending on the severity of your condition and the insurance provider.

Prediabetes critical illness cover

Prediabetes critical illness cover is only available through a limited number of insurance providers.

Providers may offer critical illness cover for prediabetes with no medical exclusions, although you are likely to pay a higher premium. Other insurance providers could offer you critical illness cover with the exclusion of some conditions, such as cardiovascular-related conditions.

As mentioned above, you’ll likely need to provide medical information as part of your prediabetes insurance application, and the same goes for critical illness cover.

Your application for prediabetes critical illness cover might be declined if:

·      Your HbA1c levels are too high – indicating poor blood glucose management

·      You smoke or haven’t long given up smoking

·      You have some diabetes-related complications, including retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy

·      You have high blood pressure or cholesterol

At the moment, prediabetes critical illness cover is only available to a small percentage of insurance applications. This is usually in circumstances where there are no severe related medical issues. However, life insurance providers are continuously developing their underwriting, and as such, you might still be able to find prediabetes life insurance with critical illness cover included.

Prediabetes income protection

Income protection for prediabetes life insurance is similar to critical illness cover, as it may be offered but with higher premiums and medical exclusions.

A small number of applications for income protection are accepted, but the criteria requires you to have no diabetes-related complications, be a non-smoker and have good control of your condition.

How expensive is prediabetes life insurance?

Unfortunately, you will likely pay more than the standard rates for your life insurance cover. The exact costs will vary, but you may be faced with paying 50% more on insurance costs or have your application declined.

The costs you can expect to pay and the success of your application are contingent on whether you have any additional medical conditions, other diabetes complications and how in control you are of your prediabetes.

Good management of your condition, proven by an improved HbA1creading or a decreased BMI, can contribute to lower insurance costs.

It’s always worth getting in contact if you’re in better control of your health, as we can review your policy, and you might save some money on reduced premium costs.

On the other hand, your insurance premiums will not increase as your prediabetes worsens, so you do not have to worry about your policy costs fluctuating as you get older.

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